Our Projects

We have a great future ahead of us, with plenty of projects to help us restore our cemetery. Many funds and much manpower is necessary to complete these projects on time, we need your help to restore the cemetery to the greatness it once was. Join us today and become a partner in restoring the beautiful piece of history!

  • Colorado State Register of Historic Properties - As of September 12, 2014: The CoCem Project is almost complete with the primary documentation of the cemetery in order to nominate it to the Colorado State Register of Historic Properties, we hope to have this preliminary application submitted soon.
  • Site Management & Preservation Plan - In progress status until the survey and mapping of the entire cemetery has been completed.
  • New Gate on 22nd Street - As of September 30, 2014: The new gate for the 22nd Street entrance is about ready to be put up after grading and leveling of the base. We are awaiting approval from Pueblo Parks & Rec. to do this.
  • Survey & Mapping of the Entire Cemetery - As of September 29, 2014: The survey team from The CoCem Project is preparing to first survey the Odd Fellows sections, and with weather permitting, the southern section of Northside by the end of November and the northern section of Northside by the end of December.
  • Digitization of Burial & Cemetery Records - As of September 30, 2014: The main data site is up and online, please visit here to learn more. The next update to the site will come with the ability to manage adoptions in the site as well as more flexible data search parameters to the core.