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Below is the register of burials for all sections of the Pueblo Pioneer Cemetery. If you are searching for a specific burial, please narrow down the results by adding search criteria such as Name, Death Date (Year is Preferable) and/or Cemetery Section where buried in.
Namesort descending Date of Burial Date of Death Cemetery Section
Lewis, ?
Ackroyd, Frank 9-19-1896 9-16-1896 County
Adams, Allie July 16, 1881 Paupers Field
Alaquire, Belle County
Alkiri, Infant 2-3-1897 2-2-1897 County
Alvine, Fred 10-15-1896 10-13-1896 County
Alvine, Infant 1-29-1898 1-25-1898 County
Ames, John May 26, 1882 Paupers Field
Andrews, Wm. 7-24-1896 7-22-1896 County
Angel, Unknown April 5, 1882 Paupers Field
Baldwin, W.C. September 24, 1881 Paupers Field
Barrett, John January 31, 1882 Paupers Field
Bergin, paley August 8, 1882 Paupers Field
Biacio, Carijo 7-6-1899 7-4-1899 County
Birkineyer, Mary 3/12/1904 3/12/1904 Paupers Field


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